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I develop webapplications using the .Net stack, basically by diving into C#, html and css. Furthermore I have a broad knowledge of Angular and other cutting edge technologies.

I'm a Software Engineer, currently working at Cubigo, building a high performance web application.

  • Focus:

    Web Development

    Responsive web applications build using the .net stack, with a focus on single page applications

    C#, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and AngularJS

  • Methods and Tools

    Agile .Net development

    Scrum, SOLID, CQRS

    Visual Studio, .Net MVC, Web API 2,

    Entity Framework, GIT/Mercurial

  • Interests:

    User interface and interaction design,

    User experience

    Learning and exploring new programming languages and technologies

    Cycling, Running, Reading

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is Italian for signboard, wich I think a website is . At I offer you my services to build your perfect online Signboard.

Web Development

I custom develop all websites and webapplications, allowing them to remain unique. From a simple digital business card to a high preformance web application, everything is possible.

Responsive Design

Almost half of all internet traffic is now from a mobile audience. With such a huge mobile audience, it's important that your website is compatible with all screen sizes in this modern age.

Web hosting

You can choose to host the website or web app yourself or you can choose to let me worry about your hosting. If you choose to host your website at , your website or web app wil run on one of my high end, easy scalable, virtual servers.

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